Welcome to the Mythweaver’s Realm – a place for sharing thoughts, ideas and observations.

I am a crafter – of words, of thread and fabric and other materials, and of magic.

Not necessarily an expert, mainly because I spread my knowledge wide, and dip and dabble in many things.  I don’t claim to be good at anything.  But here I will be sharing some of the things I have crafted, whether that be a recipe for incense, a pattern or a project wrought with needle and thread, thoughts on matters mystical, words I have spun from imagination, or glimpses of the unknown worlds I have explored.

Crafting is a matter of creation, and I’m not averse to weaving the many aspects of my work together if, by doing so, I create something new in the process.

Weft and weave, myth and magic.

Welcome to my realm …



Penelope Hill (April 2022)

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