Ritual to summon a dragon

Take a small black kettle,  a china tea pot, some fire wood, a jar of Oolong Tea and two small porcelain cups down to the riverside.

Collect enough stones to safely make a ring in which to build a small fire.

Fill the kettle with water and place it on the fire to boil.

Lay out a silk mat and place the cups on it.  Spoon two servings of the tea into the pot, and – once the kettle has boiled and cooled (just a little) pour the hot water into the pot.  Do NOT scald the tea.  It must brew gently.

Once it is ready, carefully fill both cups, letting the fragrant scent of the tea drift out across the river.

Sit cross legged on the opposite side of the mat to the river and wait.  Do not dirink from your cup until you have company!

If there is a River Dragon in residence, they will rise and approach you.  Wait until they have drunk their tea before asking for a boon.  ‘Another cup?’ will be a good place to start.

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