The Ballad of Lord Larrin

Far from the heart of the Rococon Empire, and at the edge of the southern sea, there lies a scattering of tropical islands, where the ships of traders pause to take on water and the intrigues of diplomacy lurk under an idyllic cloak On one these islands can be found the Wyverns’ Roost – a Tavern, a trading place, and the office of the islands Rococon Governor. He doesn’t do much governing – but he does run an excellent tavern -and employs an unusual bard … read more

We danced …

A short song/poem, inspired this morning by a request for ‘a love song, in which the person loved is referred to in the third person, using gender-neutral pronouns.’
We danced …

We danced.  Eyes agleam and hearts on fire,

Our fingers touched, their smile grew wider,

I leaned in close

Our kiss was laughter.

I fell in love

The day we danced.


We met that morning, a casual glance

They asked me shyly

‘Shall we dance?’

And in that moment, time suspended,

My life was changed, my sorrow ended –

Just because they asked me,

And we danced.


We danced.  Sharing the music, hope grew higher,

Our bodies touched, their heart beat faster,

I leaned in close

Our kiss was ecstasy.

I fell in love

We fell in love

The day we danced.


Winter is come

The world outside:

Spray painted white.


A shimmer laid with a casual hand

Over the outline of the land.

There, the scattered icing lies

Across the fields,

Bright with reflected skies.

Cloaking the webs that drape and hang

Early decorations spun, from leaf to land.

The morning crisp

With decorative air,

Winter is come, and all the world is fair.dsc_0045